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Moonstone & Rose Quartz Mala Beads

Moonstone & Rose Quartz Mala Beads

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Mala Beads necklaces are a form of prayer beads used in meditation, mindfulness or prayer. They have been used for many centuries by many religions. 

There are 108 beads in a set of Mala Bead necklaces, with one larger central stone known as the Guru stone which represents a connection to The Universe, Mother Nature, Buddha or another part of your personal beliefs.

Moonstone ~ a stone of cleansing and balance. Promotes calmness, intuition, psychic abilities & manifestation. Relates to the Sacral, Third Eye & Crown Chakras and Cancer, Libra & Scorpio Zodiacs.

Rose Quartz ~ the stone of pure love, acceptance and happiness. Promotes confidence, personal growth & restores trust. Relates to the Heart Chakra and Taurus & Libra Zodiacs.

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