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Wish Candle 2

Wish Candle 2

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Wish candles are used as a tool to help manifest your desires. Be sure to focus on your thoughts and intentions on your desired outcome while the candle is burning.

Black: Protection, banishing negativity, and grounding.

Blue: Communication, healing, calmness, and intuition.

Brown: Stability, grounding, protection, and connection with the natural world.

White: Purity, clarity, and spiritual illumination.

Red: Love, vitality, courage, and strength.

Yellow: Joy, creativity, intellect, and manifestation.

Pink: Love, compassion, harmony, and emotional healing.

Green: growth, healing, abundance, and the natural world.

Purple: intuition, spiritual wisdom, and transformation.

Orange: creativity, joy, enthusiasm, and manifestation.

Gold: abundance, success, wealth, and divine energy.

Silver: intuition, psychic abilities, and lunar energy.

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