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Surprise Raffia Colour Mix, 80g+

Surprise Raffia Colour Mix, 80g+

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This high quality raffia has been sustainably grown and harvested in Madagascar, Besalampy. This is a surprise mix which means there are a variety of plant-dyes used and picked at random. 

Perfect for weaving, floristry, dyeing or other various craft pursuits. 

Grade: Besalampy, Madagascar

This beautiful fibre has been graded higher than the current superior on the market.

-Strands average 1.4 metres long

-Strands are soft, strong and flat with varying widths

What is raffia?

Raffia is fibre obtained from the fronds of raffia palms (raphia farinfera) which occupy tropical regions including Africa, South America and especially, Madagascar.

The long strips of raffia fibre are collected from the raffia palm leaf. It is then stripped, dried in the sun, and graded according to colour, texture, length and width.

-Raffia is strong, durable, malleable, can be dyed, and is biodegradable. 

-Raffia contains a natural resin making it semi-waterproof and resilient.

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